We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Cretanagora to anyone, as the company and its people care about the work they are doing and have a love for the places where they are doing it. They have delivered our home to us within a matter of months, whereas it may have taken us much longer and with the stress that would have gone with the job and managing the budget for it. Our only task now is to concentrate on learning more Greek and settling into village life!

See the full story with pictures here.

John and Debbie
Name and address supplied

After many years of visiting Crete, we decided to purchase in the south of the island.
Six unsuccessful years later we were still searching after agreeing many purchases which later ‘fell through’.

Eventually we were introduced to Nikos and Hilary from Cretanagora.   They showed us a selection of properties, thoroughly explained the purchase procedures, introduced us to the local notary and gave their word the transaction would be completed as soon as possible.

We then did something that we would never advise people to do.  We gave them power of attorney and access to a bank account!!  To say we did this with ease would be a lie.   Professionally we are a company director and a company accountant!

We badgered Nikos, (who remained incredibly good-humoured), on a weekly basis for completion dates.

A few months later, true to their word, we were sent the keys, and legal papers confirming we were the proud owners of our super house.

Nicola & John
Address supplied.

So why Crete, and why build?    Extracts from Village Link magazine article

….With several developers we looked at properties they have built and gradually moved more central until we ended up at Spili. Here we came across Nikos and his wife Hilary. We immediately felt at home as unlike the larger developers, there was something much more friendly about Nikos and Hilary and what they were offering.

…..We waited almost a year for the planning to be granted, but eventually in December 2007 building started.  The actual builder was a local Cretan from Spili and took great pride in the quality of his work.  We had a few communication issues, which were mainly as a result of our imagination being different from anything he had built previously.  Problems were exacerbated by being a thousand miles away (although we did regular inspection trips).  These were resolved by the management of Nikos and his daughter, Sandra, and the house was finished only one week or so later than promised…..

………Sitting on the balcony on the final evening of our inaugural trip to Villa Eleni, admiring the stunning views, we seriously contemplated missing the plane home!  Well done, and ‘thank you’ to Nikos, Sandra and Stefanos, for doing a great job!

Villa Eleni can be viewed on here

TRUST REVERSAL  !  … The story continues:

In 2007 we made another purchase – the land adjoining our property.  This area contained a small ruin, which over the years had been reduced to what could only be advertised as a very attractive pile of old stones.  With Nikos and Hilary’s guidance this is being transformed into a small detached house.  During the inital stages we were probably Cretanagora’s worst nightmare – our plans and designs changed with the same regularity as the weather in England.

Stefanos, the builder, Nikos (patient as ever) and Hilary were really helpful and gave us super ideas on the build.  In late 2009 we decided to develop the pile of stones in stages, planning to concentrate on reinstatement of walls and leave total re-roofing until 2010.  To our delight and amazement, we received a telephone call from Nikos in December informing us that the roof was in place, and we could pay for it on our return! … Hence our heading of ‘Trust Reversal!’

We certainly would recommend Cretanagora to everyone.  Not only have we used their services as an estate agent, but as a negotiator and translator with the builders also.  Both have been tried and tested – with great success.

True to form, they have turned our scribbled drawings into a super dwelling that we are delighted with.

Nicola & John
Address supplied

Many Thanks for your help in my recent visit to Crete for a property to start my own retreat business.

I have since been to New Zealand, Australia, to view more potential places and am due to visit Barbados and Italy in the next few months.  After some careful consideration I have now decided that I will not be pursuing Crete/Greece as an option to relocate and start my business. It is looking probable that I will choose Italy.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hospitality during our stay.   Maybe you have agency based in Italy?

Thanks again