Greek Golden Visa

What is the Greek Golden Visa?

The Greek Golden Visa programme grants a five year residency visa for non-EU citizens in return for an investment in property in Greece.  It was introduced to encourage cash investment in Greece.  Since then the result has been an increasing number of overseas investors looking to buy in Greece.

How can non EU citizens qualify for the Golden Visa?

By investing only €250,000 in property they qualify for a five-year residence permit. This investment in property is the cheapest in Europe.

How long does the residence permit last?

-The residence permit is renewed every 5 years as long as the property is kept.

-A passport and Citizenship is available after seven years of residency.

What are the benefits?

– 5 year residence permits for the whole family – spouse, parents and children under 21.

– Once you are a permanent resident in Greece, the children can be educated under the state or private system.

– No minimum or maximum periods that you need to stay in Greece. In fact, you only need to visit Greece once to sign all the initial paperwork.

– If you don’t want to stay in Greece you have the legal right to rent out the property.

– No time limit to the period of ownership (freehold).

– Ability to travel freely to all 26 EU Schengen countries and even stay in those countries for 3 months out of every six months.