April 2012
After a hard winter, Crete is now enjoying lovely spring weather. Nature is doing its best for us to feel happy but the international money people are doing all they can to destroy this wonderful feeling. They should not be allowed to succeed!

The wild flowers seem to be springing up overnight, replacing the Bermuda buttercups which flower all winter, giving a lovely yellow colour to the ground underneath the olive trees and vineyards. It’s not so nice having to weed them from the garden, but the neighbours’ hens love them and they provide us with lovely free-range eggs. Lemon drizzle cake takes on a new life in Crete – free-range eggs and large organic lemons!

For those who have the same philosophy with us and want to enjoy what nature is offering please bear in mind that in our Crete properties for sale we still have various size plots on which to build, or to buy now and build later – properties

If you’re coming to Crete this spring the best no. to phone us on is +30-69451-43516.

March 2011
We are due back in Crete on 7th March and are looking forward to some nice warm spring weather. Spring is a lovely time of the year in Crete, with all the wild flowers, blue skies and sun, but not too hot – perfect weather for looking at property! If you are thinking of buying in Crete, but don’t want to tie up all your money yet in a house, why not start the procedure by buying the plot now?

We have various size plots at Kissos, near Spili, starting from 15,000 euros:

Crete property for sale – K2

single plots suitable for one house:

Crete property for sale – Samou
Crete property for sale – Aktounda 3
Crete property for sale – Spili 5

one large plot with fantastic panoramic sea views:
Crete property for sale – Plato

March 2010
It was lovely coming back to the warmth of Crete after the freezing cold winter in the U.K.

It was not so good finding out that our Cosmote card mobile phone had been deactivated – because we had not put any money in for some time. It had plenty of credit but apparently that doesn’t count! Fortunately we only had it for back-up.

So BEWARE – don’t let it happen to you!

Also, mobile phones in Greece now have to be registered or, again, you could lose it. Once we have registered our vodaphone one we will give an update on the procedure.

22nd November 2009
Forums – good or bad?
Forums can be a good way of getting information, when they are used properly. Unfortunately, along with other sites on the internet, they are now increasingly being improperly used and even used for bullying or libelling by posters using pseudonyms.

It being our turn to be victims of an attack recently, we have seen how easy it is for anyone to say anything about anybody, ask questions and answer them themselves, make insinuations, etc. Some of these postings even degenerate into offensive language which some webmasters do nothing to discourage, declaring that their only interest is to see the number of visitors increasing!

In spite of what might be seen on these forums, Cretanagora, in defence, has only made one posting on one forum and we used our own name of Cretanagora.

Should forums also be allowed to infringe privacy? We know of an artist who was horrified to learn, from returning customers wishing her well, that her illness had been discussed on a forum, and of a photographer whose studio was closed for siesta feeling obliged to open when someone knocked on the door – in case there was a bad write-up on a forum!

In conclusion, we feel forums should be taken with a pinch of salt…