After many years of visiting Crete, we decided to purchase in the south of the island.
Six unsuccessful years later we were still searching after agreeing many purchases which later 'fell through'.

Eventually we were introduced to Nikos and Hilary from Cretanagora.   They showed us a selection of properties, thoroughly explained the purchase procedures, introduced us to the local notary and gave their word the transaction would be completed as soon as possible.

We then did something that we would never advise people to do.  We gave them power of attorney and access to a bank account!!  To say we did this with ease would be a lie.   Professionally we are a company director and a company accountant!

We badgered Nikos, (who remained incredibly good-humoured), on a weekly basis for completion dates.

A few months later, true to their word, we were sent the keys, and legal papers confirming we were the proud owners of our super house.

Nicola & John
Address supplied.