Buying a property abroad is a serious decision and should be a good investment, not just a dream.
We are confident that our offers are good investments and we, therefore, propose:

1. You let us know when you are going to Crete.

2. We will take you to visit the properties – necessary to feel the atmosphere and see the views – most photographs cannot do the places justice.
Best times for viewing are Spring and Autumn.

3. Take your time, and when you are ready to buy we will guide you through the whole purchase process, as it can be rather daunting to a newcomer. Use our experience!

Taxes and legal fees are not included in the prices, but we will discuss them before your final decision to purchase.

You will need to open a bank account in Crete. To do this you need to bring the following papers with you from home:

– Your economic situation (tax return)
– Proof of your home address (electricity bill, or similar, in your name)