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….Cretanagora managed to deliver both dreams to us without us getting our hands dirty!.....

We then did something that we would never advise people to do.  We gave them power of attorney and access to a bank account!! …

So why Crete, and why build?    Extracts from Village Link magazine article

... The story continues:
In 2007 we made another purchase…

Many Thanks for your help in my recent visit to Crete...



About Us

Using experience (good and bad!) gained since 1993, when we were among the pioneers selling Cretan properties to other Europeans, we, a Greek/English family, continue to sell property in the centre of Crete, adapting ourselves to the drastic new measures of the government and the financial climate.

Knowledge of both languages and backgrounds helps us to understand both the Greek and the western European ways - the best way to avoid misunderstandings and future inconvenience!

The properties are nearly all in the province of Rethymnon, in the centre of Crete.  This is a beautiful area which we know and love, and where we are well-placed in the property field.

We make all efforts to ensure that the plots:

  • meet the building regulations and the buyers' wishes
  • are reasonably priced

We also:

  • negotiate with bureaucracy on our customers' behalf
  • collect all the necessary documents needed for the contracts - still a painful task!

Buying property abroad is a serious decision and we have chosen to keep the business in the family and to personally show prospective customers around in a relaxed atmosphere without pressure.

We can also introduce you to local Civil Engineers and skilful craftsmen who can build your house for you, if this is your wish.

We look forward to welcoming you in Crete.

Use the contact us  page to make an appointment, to avoid disappointment, or to ask any questions.

~   Together let us put the life back into the heart and   ~
the heart back into the life, of Crete's ancient villages